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Weight Loss

Our prices are the lowest that we can give to patients. We are unable to give discounts to anyone because everyone gets a discount and fair for all. Sharing is allowed with spouses as long as they have been seen as a patient. 

  • Semaglutide is approximately $325.00 and for most patients, this will last about 60 days or more. This is a 2.5mg/ml 4ML vial.
  • Tirzepatide is approximately $550.00 for 16.6mg/ml for a 2 ml vial and $850 for a 4.5 ml vial. Starting the 2ml should last almost 2 months. The 4.5 ml vial is for those who have been on Tirzepatide and should last 2-3 months or more depending upon your dose. 

You will need to purchase insulin syringes, alcohol pads, and a needle clipper which can be purchased on Amazon for a total of about $40.00 and will last for a year or more.

  • Initial Consultation is $50.00 (if you order meds, this will be deducted from your first order).
  • If you are required or have requested to follow up with the provider, it is $75.00 via Zoom for 15 minutes to go over diet, side effects, or any concerns.

For patients who are not comfortable drawing up their dose in syringes at home, for $75.00, we can draw up the dose in syringes and label per patient. Syringes and alcohol pads are included. The medication would need to be sent to our office or brought to our office to do this for you. 

Lab Pricing with Quest for Cash Pay Prices: Complete Metabolic Profile, CBC w/diff, Lipid Panel, TSH, A1C - $200.00

  • If we order labs for patients with insurance/cash pay, we charge a $10.00 administrative fee. 
  • Recent labs in the last 90 days accepted that include the above tests. Most insurance covers basic labs. Please verify your benefits with your insurance company. Repeat labs will be required periodically as needed.

*To qualify you must have a BMI of 27 or more.

These medications are contraindicated for people with a history and family history of Medullary Thyroid Cancer, or MTC. There are other contraindications such as pregnancy, pancreatitis, renal impairment, diabetes in some cases, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, suicidal ideations, and allergy to medication.


Ketamine Infusion

Initial Evaluation is $75.00 for a 15-minute Tele-Health visit. This time will be used to see if a patient is appropriate for telehealth and answer any questions. If you decide to pursue Ketamine Infusions and are a good fit for treatment, the cost of initial evaluation will be deducted from your package or session.

Ketamine for Mental Health - The cost is $300.00 per session for a total of 6 sessions. This is done in 3 sessions a week for 2 weeks for mental health with one day in between. Other alternative schedules are available depending on the issue. You are required to pay $1800.00 upfront before scheduling. We have found that patients who are vested in their mental health will be willing to pay for the total package. We do not do just one session for mental health

Pain Management- The cost is $300.00 per session. This is done as needed for pain. 

The usual time for being at the clinic is 2.5 hours. It takes about 15 mins to start IV and get Ketamine set up. One hour for infusion and one hour to be monitored after infusion. Zofran included for nauasa. If a patient develops elevated blood pressure and has to be given medications IV and monitored longer, there will be an extra charge of $25.00 per 15-minute increments and $25.00 for medication. This is very very rare. If Versed for anxiety, panic or psychosis needs to be given there will be a $25.00 charge if needed to be used. 

  • You will need to have someone drop you off or stay at the office before and after. You will not be able to drive for 24 hours after infusion. It is recommended to not work or buy large purchases 24 hours after infusion. You cannot use a Taxi or Uber. Someone has to be responsible for you that you trust.
  • It is recommended that you do not eat 5-6 hours prior to infusion. 

We do not accept insurance for Ketamine Infusions. We have found that most insurance companies do not pay for this. We will be happy to present a superbill to fill with your insurance company if they do.

There are no refunds. Consideration is taken for those who have an adverse reaction from the infusion and possible refund for the remainder of the package. 

If you cancel your session in less than 24 business hours, the cost of that session will be forfeited. This is due to the fact that these sessions are usually scheduled outside business hours due to activity in the building during the day. We make accommodations outside our normal schedule and when you do not give notice, we are unable to possibly change our provider's schedule to spend time with her family and etc. 

Please do not ask for discounts. I have the most economical price in the area and my prices do not pay for the reimbursement I make for doing mental health medication management. I still have a lease, staff, and overhead to pay. Please don't try to barter, ask to be an influencer on social media, and etc. 


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